Holly J. Lanham

My primary research interest is in understanding behavioral and social aspects of information technology use in health care delivery systems. My current work examines between-physician differences in electronic health record (EHR) use patterns – a mixed methods qualitative study of how physicians’ perceptions of uncertainty are associated with their EHR use patterns and how differences in uncertainty perspectives can and should be considered in health IT design and implementation efforts.

Other projects include an AHRQ funded study examining the role of health IT implementation on clinical workflow in the context of practice redesign; VA/HSR&D funded study examining the role of relationships, communication and relational coordination on access and quality of care following the restructuring of epilepsy care in the VA; VA/HSR&D funded study identifying new models to reduce early readmissions across the VA and developing curriculum for disseminating and implementing these models in hospitals across the VA; a project developing and implementing strategies to improve health IT use by health care professionals; a project developing a structural path model of work relationships in primary care organizations undergoing practice redesign; and a project developing a complexity science-based model of scale-up and spread of effective health care practices.

My work has resulted in several publications. Finally, I am committed to working on information technology use and organizational behavior challenges in health care delivery systems and using the knowledge gained in these pursuits to improve the quality of care patients receive.